Chimneypiece and fire grate
This piece is in an
unlimited edition.
Dimensions: 150cm x 214cm

From a print in:
Diverse Maniere d’adornare i cammini ed ogni altra parte degli edifizi desunte dall’architettura Egizia, Etrusca, e Greca con un Ragionamento Apologetico in defesa dell’Architettura Egizia, e Toscana, opera del Cavaliere Giambattista Piranesi Architetto, Rome 1769
Wilton-Ely 824


Digitally modelled using Z Brush by Adam Lowe with voxelstudios, Madrid

3D realisation using a sterelithographic printer by Materialise Leuven

Cast in a white marble Scagliola by Sebastian Beyro (Factum Arte) and polished and finished by hand by Sebastian Beyro and Silvia Rosende

fire grate
All the elements were modelled by hand by Lauren Canales (Factum Arte)
Cast in iron by Fademesa and blacked using heat.

The bed of the grate is water-jet cut from a sheet of steel.
Unlimited edition made to order.

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View original design by Piranessi

View images from the making process

Screen shot of the 3D fireplace being modeled at voxelstudios in a programme called Zbrush, here it is being compared to the original Piranesi etching.

3D scanning of sculpted clay which shall form the decorative freeze around the fireplace.

Face models applied to relief details.


This screen shot of the fireplace was done by Materialise, Belgium, before being rapid prototyped.
The cuts indicate where the fireplace was divided into sections to fit the prototype tank.

The resin prototype prepared by Materialise.

The resin prototype in front of the high quality print of the fireplace.

The resin prototype and print of the fireplace next to the print of Piranesi's Caffé Degli Inglesi.

A mold of one of the faces on the fireplace made from the resin prototype.

Factum Arte's team working on the composite marble fireplace.

Juan Carlos Arias applying the composite marble to the inside of the mould.

The composite marble fireplace removed from the mould and being hand finished.


The hand finished fireplace and the composite marble's qualities in different lighting.

The fireplace in white vein scagliola and gypsum crystal.

Holding the fireplace's interior to it's structure.

A turned section of the fire basket in the process of having its detail added.

The cast iron fire furniture before surface finishing.


Lauren welding the cast iron fire furniture (left). The fire furniture being assembled (right).

The fire irons before and after the final black patina.

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