Manuel Franquelo
Things in a Room

Exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, New York
April 16 - May 16 2015

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Things in a Room is an exhibition of photographs by the Spanish artist Manuel Franquelo.
The exhibition is at Marlborough Gallery on 57th St from April 16 until May 16 2015. This is the artist’s first exhibition at Marlborough Gallery in New York.

Things in a Room (Untitled #3)

The six new composite photographs of the interior of the artists studio develop the theme of Franquelo’s extraordinary paintings of the 1980’s. These works are the result of a unique and highly refined application of photography that addresses the physical nature of things. Over the past 5 years Manuel has been involved in the design, programming and production of the Lucida 3D scanner for use in the high-resolution recording of the surface of relief objects and paintings. During this research his curiosity turned to photogrammetry and the application of composite photography in his desire to reconstitute reality. Whereas his aim was to extract 3D information from the black and white video images recorded on the Lucida, these works are made using a focus blending strategy that compress the illusion of depth onto a flat plane. They are then printed in pigment in multiple layers onto a smooth ‘half chalk ground’ - the resulting images talk directly to the Spanish still life paintings of Juan Sanchez Cotan and Francisco de Zurbarán.

Things in a room (25yrs)

Things in a room (Untitled #5)

Things in a room (Untitled #1)

Things in a Room (Untitled #4)

Things in a room (Untitled #2)

Adam Lowe, director of Factum Arte on Manuel Franquelo's exhibition: Franquelo’s new works blur the distinctions between reality and representation (and between painting and photography) in both intellectual and visceral ways […] The works in this exhibition are still-lives. Their stillness is important. They are life-sized, static, flat images that we perceive as three dimensional forms. They do more than trick the eye – they outwit the senses and force a fundamental reassessment of our relationship with the space we inhabit – the relationship between the represented and the real is blurred and brought into focus at the same time.





Video of the opening at the Marlbourough Gallery in New York.
Video by Risa Korris

Click here for Marlborough Gallery website

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