Works by El Anatsui on display in London and Bern
Works by El Anatsui on display in London and Bern

Prints made at Factum Arte for the acclaimed Ghanain artist El Anatsui were on display at October Gallery (Focus on El Anatsui, 15th July - 29th August 2020) and as part of the first major retrospective in Europe, El Anatsui: Triumphant Scale at Kunstmuseum Bern (13th March - 1st November 2020).

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New works for Paula Crown
New works for Paula Crown

Chicago-based artist Paula Crown is among Factum Arte's long-standing collaborations. Crown's interest in exploring the limits and possibilities of cutting-edge technologies and traditional media resonates with Factum's aim to offer artists a 'playground' to give shape to their ideas.

New works are now in their final stage of production. A large-scale version of Solo Together, one of the artist's most recognisable bodies of work, is being cast in bronze and a new series of prints is being finalised in Factum's printing department.

More on Paula Crown's works.

The Lost Paintings on show in Illegio, Italy
The Lost Paintings on show in Illegio, Italy

From July 4th to December 13th 2020, the Lost Paintings re-created by Factum Arte in collaboration with Sky Arte and Ballandi Arts are on display in the exhibition Nothing is lost (Nulla è perduto) in the town of Illegio, Italy. Displaying recreations of paintings by Vermeer, Monet, Van Gogh, Marc, Klimt, de Lempicka, and Sutherland, Nulla è perduto focuses on the artists´ biographies, the character of the original paintings and the discussions that accompany their recreations. The exhibition is curated by Don Alessio Geretti. Reservation is mandatory on Illegio's website.

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The facsimile of UNESCO World Heritage ‘Cave No. 6’ of Risco Caìdo, Gran Canaria

Factum Arte has been working with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria since early 2019 on a project to record and re-materialise an exact facsimile of ‘Cave No. 6’, which has been incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2019. The facsimile has been installed by our team in January 2020 and will be on permanent view at the new Risco Caído Interpretation Centre in the town of Artenara.

The project is an exceptional demonstration of how new technology can serve to promote accessibility to vulnerable cultural heritage sites around the world whilst monitoring and maintaining their present condition.

Watch the video and find out more on the project

Video © Óscar Parasiego for Factum Arte
Cover image © Courtesy of Cabildo de Gran Canaria

Carceri d'Invenzione on show at Bassano del Grappa

The video animation created by Grégoire Dupond for the 2014 exhibition Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini is on show at Palazzo Sturm (Musei Civici di Bassano del Grappa) as part of the exhibition Giambattista Piranesi. Visioni di un architetto senza tempo (20 June - 19 October 2020). Working from the second state of each print of the Carceri d'Invenzione, a complex 3D environment has been assembled, creating the sensation that you are walking into and around these contradictory and visionary spaces. The Carceri are the 'prisons of Piranesi's imagination'; watching this animation is like entering Piranesi's mind.

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<i>Strata of Pilbara</i> - Bernd Nicolaisen
Strata of Pilbara - Bernd Nicolaisen

This period of lockdown seems to have given many people time to reflect. Factum Arte's collaboration with photographer Bernd Nicolaisen is still ongoing after Masterpiece 2018 and his previous work on the imagery of the ESA/Rosetta mission: Nicolaisen seeks to detect nature’s hidden artifacts where human intervention rarely, if ever, becomes apparent.
A new production, centered on the Australian Pilbara crater, an area which covers the Earth’s oldest rock formations and was recently irreversibly damaged, was announced in November 2019 and this video shows the experimental process happening within Factum Arte, involving elevated printing technology by Canon Production Printing.

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Rematerialisation of Raphael's tomb on show in Rome
Rematerialisation of Raphael's tomb on show in Rome

6th April 2020 marked the 500th anniversary of Raphael's death and a number of exhibitions in this centenary year have focused on re-examining the importance of one of the most important artists of the Italian Renaissance. Factum Arte was approached by Scuderie del Quirinale and ALES to collaborate on what might be the most complete and exhaustive overview of the painter's life and career ever exhibited: more than 200 artworks, 100 of them by Raphael's own hand, were loaned by prestigious institutions from all over Italy and the world.

This extraordinary event, curated by Marzia Faietti and Matteo Lafranconi with contributions from Vincenzo Farinella and Francesco Paolo Di Teodoro, offers the visitor an unusual starting point: a rematerialisation of the painter's tomb, which is usually visible in the Pantheon, Rome. This was an ambitious project which has involved all of Factum's departments working together on different stages of the process.

Raffaello (1520 - 1483) re-opened from June 2nd until August 30th 2020. Learn more about the process behind this rematerialisation or watch the behind-the-scenes video.

Spring is everywhere! Factum Arte and JamJar Flowers
Spring is everywhere! Factum Arte and JamJar Flowers

A new collaboration between Factum Arte, JamJar Flowers and Rupert Wace has recently been experimenting with pressed flowers, using the innovative elevated printing system developed by Factum's long-time partner, Canon Production Printing (formerly Océ - A Canon Company).

A wide catalogue of flowers​ was first scanned with the Lucida 3D Scanner and photographed at high resolution, creating a rich digital archive of blooms. This data was ​then printed in relief and colour onto transfer paper and the ​3D prints of individual plants were applied in different configurations to different surfaces - from a flexible acrylic looking like raw plaster to watercolour paper. The results are far more stable and easier to display than the original plants. An app giving the ​Latin and common names of each plant is also under development, and we will be formally announcing the launch of a new wallpaper very soon.

JamJar Flowers is being showcased at RHS Chelsea Virtual Flower Show from 18th-23rd May.

Factum Arte's Diary: Clark Winter

Clark Winter has been exploring photography and videography for many years as a creative and observational consequence of his travels around the world as much as his fine arts background.

The Hard Work of Art merges Clark's photography with objects and celebrates the inherent aesthetic qualities and integrity of things made without artistic intent; through subtle transformations, stones and agricultural implements were transformed into objects of curiosity and creativity.

Watch the full video

Video © Óscar Parasiego for Factum Arte
Music: 'As Colorful As Ever' by Broke for Free

New video: Material Sound: The Dark Hours of the Sun

An emotional musical narrative, a a choreography of cymatic movements of visualised sounds. Material Sound: The Dark Hours of the Sun features data recorded directly from the sun itself and sonified by NASA, together with an original composition by Nathaniel Mann. Encompassing the beginning and the end, light and dark, anxiety and meditation, the vast and the infinite. Watch the video.

Video © Óscar Parasiego for Factum Arte

New video: Material Sound: Chladni Plates

Starting with the 18th-century experiments of Ernst Chladni and merging them with the work of Margaret Watts Hughes in the 1890s and Hans Jenny in the 1960s, Factum's research has focused on the synaesthetic nature of digital data. The brass plates which make up Material Sound - Chladni Plates vibrate according to the resonant frequencies of the plates themselves when excited by sound. Watch the video

An emerging and changing artwork by: Jorge Cano, Adam Lowe, Nathaniel Mann, Charlotte Skene Catling
With the support of: Enrique Esteban, Francesco Cicognetti, Francisco Regalado, Miguel Hernando, Guillem Bayo, Matt Button, Albert Munté and Victor Camilleri
Video © Óscar Parasiego for Factum Arte

Factum Arte's diary: Shezad Dawood

Shezad Dawood has worked with Factum Arte since 2014 in a variety of media, on projects which complicate and reimagine received historical narratives and imagery. In this new profile, filmed in Factum Arte's Madrid workshops, he talks about the ideas and ideals which drive his work, and how the collaborative studio environment of Factum Arte helps to bring them to life.

Find out more about Shezad Dawood's projects with Factum Arte

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