Conjeturas sobre vasijas

A book of ceramic works from the Spanish artist Miquel Barceló, 2008

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Commissioned by La Caixa
Designed by Factum Arte
96 pages hardback book in colour
Language Spanish

A standard edition of 10,000 was made. All the works that feature in this book come from the collection of Bruno Bischofberger and from the artist himself as well as private collections.

Plus a special edition of 3,400 was also made, which has an alternative embossed cover and comes with a second book entitled Conjeturas sobre vasijas: Escultures Cerámicas Españolas Entre Los Siglos XII Y XX de La Colección del Museo de Cerámica de Barcelonawhich together are housed in slipcase. The latter book comprises of 20 leaves in folder highlighting works from the Ceramics Museum in Barcelona from 12th -20th C, which were selected by Adam Lowe and María Antonia Casanovas.

The collector's edition of 180, are all numbered. Each slipcase is branded with the signature of the artist using hot irons, and includes a special etching done by the artist himself. Aside from these three tiers of editions, there are also 1 - 24 numbered proofs, which are identical to the collector's edition.

Special edition with embossed cover

Collector's edition

The collector's edition cover being prepared with hot irons at Factum Arte's warehouse

The Barceló etching included in the collector's edition

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