Mitochondria: Powerhouses
Ahmed Mater, 2017

Ahmed Mater returned to Factum Arte to create Mitochondria: Powerhouses, a new body of work for his solo exhibition at Galleria Continua in San Gimignano. These artworks explore the concealed and unacknowledged forces behind religion and natural resources, powerhouses supplying and storing energy.

  • The Tesla Coil dramatically evoques the process used to create the sculputures below.
  • The sculptures were digitally modeled after Ahmed Mater´s fulgurites.

The artworks produced include an installation with a Tesla coil machine evoking the production of fulgurite sculptures and a set of chests with optical illusions recalling the Mirage Boxes created in 2015. Ahmed Mater worked alongside a Factum Arte team of digital modellers, engineers and 3D recording specialists throughout the research and production phases of these works. Quinner Baird installed and operated a Tesla coil machines during the exhibition´s inauguration.

  • Factum Arte´s Irene Gaumé created a digital model of Ahmed Mater´s fulgurites
  • The models were 3D printed by Materialise.

Opening at Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, September 2017

  • Wood slide projector with glass slide
  • Image projected on slide projector
  • Ahmed Mater revisited the series Mirage Boxes developped at Factum Arte in 2015

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