Helix tripod
Edition of 6 numbered copies
Dimensions: 90cm high

From a print in:
Diverse Maniere d’adornare i cammini ed ogni altra parte degli edifizi desunte dall’architettura Egizia, Etrusca, e Greca con un Ragionamento Apologetico in defesa dell’Architettura Egizia, e Toscana, opera del Cavaliere Giambattista Piranesi Architetto, Rome 1769
Wilton-Ely 878


Digitally modelled using Z Brush by Adam Lowe with voxelstudio Madrid.

3D realisation using a stereloithographic printer at Materialise, Leuven.

Cast in bronze by Fademesa, Madrid
Gold plated by J. Muñoz, Madrid

Patination by Elena Arias and Adam Lowe.
Alabaster from Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza

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View images from the making process

The second Piranesi tripod in production at voxelstudios. Here is the Zbrush model being compared to the original etching.

This is an early rendering modelled in Zbrush. The finished tripod will be cast in bronze.

Screenshots taken at voxelstudios of close-ups. The first two images show development of the interior creeper, the third image shows surface details in the central spiral of the goat horns.

A screen grab from a STL file created by voxelstudios.

The resin prototype prepared by Materialise.

The bronze cast tripod being compared to it's orginal etching.


Piranesi's tripod during assembly (left). Final assembly of Piranesi's tripod (right).


Gold plated sections of Piranesi's tripod (detail).

The routed alabaster top to Piranesi's tripod.

The finished tripod



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