This piece is in an unlimited edition and will be made to order.
It is made of guilded resin.

83cm x 115cm x 72cm

From a print in:
Vasi, candelabri, cippi, sarcofagi, tripodi, lucerne, ed ornamenti antichi disegnati ed incisi dal Cav. Gio. Batt. Piranesi, Rome 1778
Wilton-Ely 951

Piranesi's design was interpreted and modelled by hand by Juan Carlos Arias over a period of twelve months. It was cast in a resin 'wood' around a metal frame and gilded using traditional water gilding techniques by Eva María Segovia.

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View original design by Piranessi

View images from the making process

Michele de Lucchi and Adam Lowe inspecting a real-size model for the chair.

A selection of elements for the chair during production.

The shell-shaped back of the chair in an early stage.

As work on the chair develops, hidden parts are designed to fit Piranesi's work

Factum Arte's Eva Marí Segovia carrying out gilding tests with gold leaf

Before the gold leaf is applied there needs to be a tri-coloured base for tone

The final gilded chair


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