(after the antique)

Edition of 6 numbered copies
Dimensions:90cm x 74cm

From a print in:
Vasi, candelabri, cippi, sarcofagi, tripodi, lucerne, ed ornamenti antichi disegnati ed incisi dal Cav. Gio. Batt. Piranesi, Rome 1778
Wilton-Ely 916 and 917

The legs and support were modelled by Angel Jorquera (Factum Arte)
and Taiche Diaz

The vase was digitally modelled using Z Brush by Adam Lowe with voxel Studios, Madrid

The legs, central column and base were cast in bronze by Fademesa Madrid and finished with various patinas.

3D realisation of the vase was made using a stereolithographic printer by Materialise Leuven.

It is Cast in a Porphry Scagliola by Sebastian Beyro (Factum Arte) and polished and finished by hand by Sebastian Beyro and Silvia Rosende

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The basin part of the Piranesi altar, modelled in a programme called Zbrush at voxelstudios.
The finished altar will be made out of a combination of bronze and marble.

Different parts of the altar being assembled in prototype materials.

Detail of the winged lion head on the Altar.

One side of the altar during assembly and prior to moulding.


Details of the base for the legs and the animal heads.

The altar cast in a resin marble mix. Following the exhibition,
it was decided the altar should be made in bronze with a scagliola top.

Several scagliola tests in different finishes for the altar.

Sebastián Beyró and Silvia Rosende working on scagliola tests for the altar.

The bronze altar after patination.

The lion leg being remodelled

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