Bronze Oak Grove

Rob and Nick Carter, 2015
12 Patinated bronze tree stupms
48.3 x 183 x 127 cm

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Rob and Nick Carter's tree stump

Rob and Nick Carter created Bronze Oak Grove, an installation of twelve tree stumps inspired by a Jacob de Gheyn´s drawing in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The basic shape of the stump was 3D printed in polyurethane and its surface texture was modeled in wax. A silicone fiberglass jacket mould was taken of the sculpture.

The basic shape of the Tree Stump was 3D routed in polyurethane

The texture of the sculpture was modelled in wax

Details of the surface texture in wax



Each section of the silicone mould was painted with wax, removed from the mould and invested for casting in bronze. The cast was patinated using heat, acids and various pigments to achieve a hyperrealist finish.

The sculpted surface was covered in a silicone fiberglass jacket mould

First coat of silicone applied to the sculpture


A fiberglass resin jacket was set on top of the silicone layer



The sculpture was cast in bronze at the foundry


All joints were welded and details chased back into the surface

The surface was patinated using a mixture of heat and acids


Various pigments were used to achieve a hyperrealistic finish

Rob and Nick Carter's Bronze Oak Grove installed at Kensignton gardens in London

The finished tree stump





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