Juegos Carnales

Glenda León, 2016

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Twelve dice made to imitate human skin have been conceived at the Factum Arte workshop for Cuban artist Glenda León. The works were on show at the "Estados Transitivos" exhibition at the Galería Juana de Aizpuru in Madrid from the 26th October until December 7th 2016.

One of the twelve final dice made to look and feel like human skin

The artist first visited the Factum Arte studios on the 30th March 2016 and a collaboration was established following a conversation with Factum´s director Adam Lowe.

Preparing the special effects silicone for colour tests

Covering the hand-moulded silicone cube with wax

A block of special effects silicone was first moulded to the dimensions and volume of a standard-sized die. The cube was then cast in wax, and moulds taken from real skin pressed onto the wax and worked by the hands of Factum Arte´s Silvia Álvarez and Javier Barreno, to achieve a skin-like texture. Moulds were later taken of the textured wax covered silicone cube, and then cast in the same special effects silicone.

Silvia Alvárez taking moulds from the skin-textured wax-covered silicone block in preparation for casting with the special effects silicone

Each die adopts the look, texture and feel of real skin - made even more realistic through the hand painted imitation of the artist´s beauty spots where the die´s pips normally exist. The realistic effect was achieved through an in-depth study of high-resolution images of the artist´s beauty spots, taken at Factum Arte during her second visit to the studios.

Beauty spots painted on the silicone cube with Smooth On paint. The artist´s moles and beauty spots were studied in order to recreate them as accurately as possible

The series is an allegory to the game of love and desire, a symbol of the random, the accidental and the coincidental in each and every encounter and relationship that comes to flourish.

Final works

The dice as exhibited at the Galería Juana de Aizpuru in Madrid, October 2016

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