My Mother's Charms


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My Mother's Charms

Gillian Wearing’s My Mother's Charms is a 410 x 130 cm work of an imagined charm bracelet including twenty different items of personal and sentimental value selected by the artist, alluding to the relationship she has with her family and particularly with her mother. The piece is comprised of a camera, a mirror, a horse, a metal owl ornament, a necklace, a watch, a painting, a diary page, a dress, a book, a valentine card, a ring, a set of keys, a flip flop, two brooches and three photographs, all held together by a chain. The replica of each item was produced using an array of different techniques and involved the collaboration of different teams at Factum Arte, specialising in both the high end of digital output technologies as well as working with more traditional crafts. Together they created a coherent work based on the artist’s digitally simulated vision.

Shaded render of Wearing´s Valentine Card relief, obtained with the Lucida 3D scanner

The production of the piece began in January 2016 and was worked on over several weeks. It was achieved using an array of advanced output technologies including 3D scanning with Factum Arte´s Lucida scanner; white light scanning using the Sidio scanner; 3D modelling using photogrammetry; 3D printing; CNC milling; multi-layered printing onto gesso. This was done in conjunction with highly-skilled craftsmen who were moulding; textile weaving; silver and gold plating; cutting and dying stones - among other techniques. Of the twenty items selected, seven were scanned with the Lucida 3D scanner, four with the Sidio white light scanner, one with photogrammetry, five were moulded and cast and three were created from scratch, and the dimensions, scale and positioning of each item on the chain was chosen by the artist.

The piece will be exhibited at the Art Basel Fair in Switzerland on the 16-19 June 2016.

Milling the keychain

Milled details and silicon moulds of the mirror

Making moulds from the original pieces

Colour matching for the flip flop replica

Working with resins for the necklace

Colouring tests with resin for the necklace

Preparing the beads

Both necklaces

Finishing the 3D printed replica of the camera

Finishing the milled watch

Finishing the moulded mirror handle with resin

Gillian Wearing´s visit at Factum Arte to review each item

Facsimile of the Valentine Card. 2D print on aluminium

Facsimile of the mirror

Facsimile of one of the photographs

Some of the charms belonging to the final project

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