Manifold 5:4


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Manifold 5:4, 2015

Imbued with an appearance of scientific rationality, Conrad Shawcross's sculptures explore subjects that lie on the borders of geometry and philosophy, physics and metaphysics. His forms are inspired by different technologies including the nautical and the audio-visual as well as a range of natural forces. Shawcross’s Manifold Series, draws inspiration from musical harmony, based on visualising musical chords. They are inspired by the idea of a harmonograph – a machine for drawing music. The works all centre around a Perfect Third – a musical chord. The drawings have been produced by his version of a harmonograph and the sculptures he makes are in bronze which is a solid version of one these drawings.

Factum Arte produced different versions of Manifold. Manifold 5:4 is a 1.20 meters high sculpture cast in bronze and patinated in black.

3D prints of the single pieces which compose the sculpture


Part of the sculpture 3D printed with an external structure to hold the pieces in the correct position for the assembly

Part of the bronze casting coated in ceramic shell at the foundry

Soldering and assembly

Manifold 5:4 - last step of the assembly before applying the black patina

Final work patinated in black with square base


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