Amour, passion, révolution

Rachid Koraichi, 2015

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Factum Arte collaborated with Rachid Koraichi in the production of a series of new works for the exhibition Il n'est d'autres souverains que ceux qui me regardent, which opened its doors to the public on the 16th November 2015 at the El Marsa Gallery in Dubai. Koraichi's installation entitled Amour, passion, révolution (Love, passion, revolution), is a piece composedof three large tapestries, measuring 380 x 290 cm each.

Each of the three tapestries symbolise justice, love and loss and are inspired by Koraichi’s own fascinating history. This large triptych aims to denounce the authoritarian systems in the countries that have been gripped in the Arab revolutions, such as Tunisia, his country of adoption, and Algeria, his country of origin. In this piece, Koraichi draws reference to the works of poet Abou el KacemChebbi, drawing on his messages to embody his own feelings and opinions towards the subject.

The tapestry Amour, passion, révolution as installed at Elmarsa Gallery in Dubai


Weaving the tapestry at Flanders Tapestries in Belgium

Rachid Koraichi and Blanca Nieto from Factum Arte colour checking tapestry samples in the workshop


Triptych - Left side (judgement)

Triptych - Center (door)

Triptych - Right side (convocation)

View of the ensemble

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