Fulgurite Experiments

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Connecting a modified welding transformer to a bucket of sand, Dwight Perry created complex figures of vitrified sand. Synthetic fulgurites are formed by drawing an electric arc under the surface of a medium such as sand. Copper clad carbon electrodes are brought together below the surface initiating an arc of plasma that radiates extreme heat, melting and vitrifying the surrounding sand. The modified welding transformer releases up to 2KV with a current limit of 2 amps.

Video of the experiment





Experimentation in turning the electrode in the sand and fusing two fulgurites together, using normal sand.

Experimentation in fusing fulgurites from the same root point keeping the plasma hot, also manipulation of molten fulgurite.

Experiment in multiple limbed object (8 legs, it may pass for an octopus)

A form in vitrified sand after the experiment

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