Henry Hudson, 2014
Exhibition at TJ Boulting Gallery

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Pellegrino is Henry Hudson's third solo show with the TJ Boulting gallery. The exhibition presents plasticine works, wallpaper murals and a sculpture, all conceived during a seven week residency at Villa Elia in Puglia in the South of Italy. Pellegrino means ‘pilgrim’ in Italian and it refers to the artist's journey from London to the Italian villa.

Factum Arte produced "Lost property" for the exhibition. The work is a bronze sculpture of a Louis Vuitton 'rolie bag' supported on a plinth made up of digital screens displaying animations of Hudson's sketches.The drawing process was recorded on an iPad and processed so that in animated the 5 visible sides of the plinth - The effect is to ‘dematerialise the plinth and set up a dynamic relationship with the hand-made bronze bag which it supports. The exhibition includes a wallpaper mural which was also made by Factum Arte. The exhibition runs from the 27th November 2014 to the 24th January 2015.

Lost property, 2014 installed at TJ Boulting Gallery

The creation of Lost Property began in January 2014 when Pedro Miro and Alex Peck visited Henry Hudson's studio in London to scan a maquette of a portable Louis Vuitton suitcase whose form had been warped and distorted and created in plasticine by Hudson. The bag was scanned using a Breuckmann white light 3D Scanner.

Alex Peck from Factum Arte setting up a 3D scanner in Hudson's studio to scan the maquette

The resulting data was then digitally amplified and the resulting model was printed 80 cm high by Materialise in Belgium. The 3D printed model was then retouched at Factum Arte's workshops and then moved to the foundry. At the foundry the piece was moulded in wax and then cast in bronze. The final bronze piece was treated with an ageing patina to make the suitcase look like an ancient sculpture mottled with time.

The 3D printed model amplified from the maquette being retouched at Factum Arte



The wax mould created from the amplified and re-touched model

Bronze cast of the suitcase with a green patina


The final effect

"Lost Property" installed at TJ Boulting gallery




A view of the wallpaper murals at the installation



The video shows Lost property installed at TJ Boulting gallery

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