Why Depend on Space and Time

Shezad Dawood

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Why Depend on Space and Time, 2014

Factum Arte has been working in collaboration with London-based artist Shezad Dawood on a "quantum portrait" of American counter-culture author, Robert Anton Wilson. This work has first been digitally sculpted and then routed at a large scale, imbuing the work with a striking sense of presence. The work named Why depend on Space and Time is a sculpture made of resin and polychromatic paint with a wooden plinth and it has being exhibited as part of a solo presentation titled Towards the Possible Film at the Parasol Unit Foundation in London.

The initial model of the work routed into polystyrene by Model Porex

Some details have been routed and added to the model before the preparation of the mould

Retouching of the model

Preparation of the mould

The final mould before the painting

The final work of art



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