Frontiers Israel

Gold plated aluminium. Width 141cm Height 195cm Depth 40cm

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Factum Arte has started a collaboration with French artist Cyril de Commarque and several new works are in production. The first piece to be completed is Frontiers (Israel). A cartographic work made from milled, gold plated aluminium and invisible stainless steel joints.

Assembling of the aluminium pieces which compose the work

The sculpture is made up of four different layers, each layer is a representation of the Israel's border in a specific moment in time.
All the different layers have been assembled together with an invisible structure and hang directly on the wall.

The single gold plated parts ready to be assembled

Detail of the channel for the joint



"Frontiers” is an ongoing series which includes other countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Austria. For more information visit the artist's web page here.

"The borders change, in a century the world shape has been in constent evolutions. The borders due to conflits do move and seems to be like layers on top of each others. The consequence are forced migrations, humiliation, fights, frustration, ethnical minority but also reconciliation, peace etc... " Cyril de Commarque

The final work of art hanged in Factum Arte's workshop

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