Anish Kapoor, 2003

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Published by Ivory Press
Made by Adam Lowe and Factum Arte
Limited Edition of 25

© Anish Kapoor and Ivory Press

An edition in four parts published by Ivory Press (London) in an edition of 25 copies. Director of the edition Elena Foster.

Wound is published in a numbered edition of 25. Each copy consists of four parts. Each part is signed and numbered by Anish Kapoor.

Part I is a paper covered box with a hand painted emboss. The inside of the
box is lined with paper and fabric and holds parts II, III and IV.

Part II is a silk covered book with text printed in letterpress onto Blanc
Anciens 310gsm handmade paper. It contains hand-coloured prints of drawings made during the production of the edition, a pigment print drawing of the files used to cut the paper and a laser cut sheet.

Part III is a paper sculpture made from 261 sheets of laser cut paper. Each
sheet is cut from a separately generated computer file. The intensity of the
laser burns the paper as it cuts leaving the brown tone on the edge of each
sheet. Each sheet is individually numbered and fixed to a polished aluminium
base with an internal registration system to keep the sheets in position.

Part IV is a framed sculpture consisting of 50 sheets of laser cut paper
made from an edited selection of the digital files. The sheets are mounted
onto a polished aluminium base and presented in a perspex frame.

The four parts of the edition are intended to be kept together for display.

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