Immortal Pharaoh: The Tomb of Thutmose III

A catalogue of the exhibition, 2005.

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Available from Factum Arte for 25 euros (excluding postage)
Designed and published by Factum Arte
200 pages hardback catalogue in colour
Language English
With essays from Dr Erik Hornung (University of Basel), Dr Christian E Loeben (the Kestner-Museum), Andre Wiese (Antikenmuseum Basel) Adam Lowe and others.
ISBN 9788460970934

This book accompanied the exhibition Immortal Pharaoh: The Tomb of Thutmose III which was held at Edinburgh's City Art Centre from 1st October 2005 to 8th January 2006.

The centrepiece of the exhibition, and subsequently featured in the catalogue, was an exact replica of Thutmose III’s burial chamber made by Factum Arte. The walls of this chamber contain a complete depiction of the Amduat, the first use of this text in a Pharaonic tomb. The Amduat describes the twelve-hour journey of the Sun God from sunset to his renewal in the morning and contains knowledge required by the deceased pharaoh to enable him to rise again and become the great Sun God himself, thereby making it the code to eternity. Also on show were a selection of artefacts which illustrated the themes of the Amduat and the rituals surrounding burial, mummification and re-birth.

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