Dichroic glass wine case


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'I often allow the material to lead my process, stimulating new ways of thinking and seeing. Dichroic's rainbow-colored iridescent finish changes color depending on the light in the room and the angle of the viewer.'
— Paula Crown

Final result © Oak Taylor Smith for Factum Arte

After acquiring a special vintage wine, rumoured to have belonged to Napoleon, artist Paula Crown commissioned Factum Arte to design and produce a custom-made case in dichroic glass. The artist's vision required precision work on the part of Factum Arte's design team to create a multi-faceted top-opening volume with iridescent surfaces.

The end result is supported by a core of transparent acrylic, which was CNC-milled using a 3-axis robot and finely polished, almost invisible within the fragile surface of the dichroic glass surfaces. The surfaces have been cut by hand and individually connected by a thin bevel: only a discreet, fine line separates the different refractions of the dichroic facets.

Elements division in the first proposal © Factum Arte

Mock-up design proposal © Factum Arte

Final result (empty) © Oak Taylor Smith for Factum Arte

Production Design: Francesco Cigognetti
Production Control: Damian Lopez Rojo
CNC-milling: Carlos Alonso
Assembly: Factum Arte

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