Very Large Very Expensive Abstract Painting


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‘If I think of American cultural power the image that pops into my head is a huge Abstract Expressionist painting, a Cold War symbol of a self-confident land of the free. In those days New York was the white hot centre of the art world, now it is a hideously expensive liberal enclave. This tapestry is made up of layers that reflect some of the cultural and social archaeology of Manhattan. The deepest layer is made up of historic textiles from the many cultures that make up the modern city, American, African, Asian and European. A virtual patchwork of quilts, rugs, blankets, flags and sacks. On top of this is splurged a Jackson Pollock style abstract painting – a freewheeling gesture of macho cultural dominance. The outline map of Manhattan is on its side to fit in the landscape sweep of the Ab-Ex painting but also to ram home how phallic it appears, the subway map forming its pulsing veins and arteries.
The final layer is a series of pasted collage labels that between them lay out the
economic, social and cultural forces that maintain the glass floor under the affluent liberal elite.’

– Grayson Perry

El tapiz más reciente de Grayson Perry, inspirado en el viaje por carretera del artista a través de los Estados Unidos para el documental en tres partes Grayson Perry's Big American Roadtrip en Channel 4, fue producido en el estudio de tapicería digital de Factum Arte en Madrid y tejido en telares Jacquard en Bélgica. 

Very Large Very Expensive Abstract Painting se expuso en Victoria Mirò (Londres) como parte de la exposición 'The MOST Specialest Relationship' (15 de septiembre - 31 de octubre de 2020), entre otras obras concebidas durante y después del viaje a Estados Unidos. 

'The MOST Specialest Relationship'
Victoria Miro
15 September – 31 October 2020


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