Ode á la Bièvre

Louise Bourgeois, 2007

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Published by Zucker Art Books
Fabricated at Factum Arte
54 pages, colour hardback book in slipcase
Special edition of 95 and 25 artist proofs numbered I-XXV

Ode á la Bièvre was made by Louise Bourgeois in 2002 as an embroidered book from fragments of cloth. In the book, she reminisces, through images and text, about the impact the river had on her.
Her family moved next to the Bièvre in the suburbs of Paris when she was 8 years old (1919). Years later, Bourgeois was to go back to that house with her own family only to find the river to no longer exist, "only the trees that my father had planted along its edge remained as a witness."

A special edition published by Zucker Art Books (New York, USA) has been produced as a printed book of 52 pages, bound in hand dyed linen and presented in a slipcase. The special edition is signed and numbered by the artist and is accompanied by two signed photographs of the River Bièvre, one taken in 1920 and the other taken in 1951, when Louise Bourgeois returned with her children to find the garden in a melancholic state of decline.

The Garden in Antony, 1921 and The Bièvre River, 1951

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