The Moon tree

Tom Stuart Smith, 2013

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The Connaught tree in brass was made for Tom Stuart Smith's Garden in the Connaught Hotel. The direct cast of a Crenex Bonsai in brass was an obsessive project that required some lateral solutions. The resulting tree was sent to London and will be unveiled in the Connaught Hotel in May 2013. The final object, an exact facsimile of a finished tree was finished with a bead-blasted surface that produces a magical gold colour.

Read The Moon Tree booklet

The process began working with a real tree and finding the tools to replicate every detail.

Selected leaves were tested in metal forms and moulded.

Unmoulding a metal branch.

Factum Arte's Sebas Beyro inspecting the metal branches in Fademesa foundry, Madrid.

A video on the process of welding the tree (Fademesa foundry, Madrid).

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