Collapsing Bricks

Nazgol Ansarinia, 2017
1490 x 710 x 232 cm

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Collapsing Bricks (2017)

Iranian artist Nazgol Ansarinia explores in Collapsing Bricks the construction and destruction of architectural forms. The work portrays the physical disintegration of digitally modelled bricks, expressing the incongruity of digital manufacture and material deconstruction.

The sculpture renders the deconstruction of one whole brick into five fragments and aligns fragmented bricks into fourteen different arrangements. The first and only whole brick of this sculpture was digitally modelled and printed. Its shape was moulded in silicone and cast multiple times in polyurethane, forming the first brick and the prototypes for each of the five fragments. The sequence of fourteen bricks broken into the same five pieces reconfigures the arrangement of a total of 70 segments.

Preparing silicone moulds of the whole brick and four fragments

Quinner Baird compares digital model and cast

The seventy fragments cast in polyurethane

Adam Lowe demonstrates the assembling process

The artist selected four shades of grey to accentuate the look of a render. The first layer was airbrushed uniformly and a specific colour was painted on the front and each of sides.

Elements of the exterior were highlighted with a lighter shade of grey

The fragments of Collapsing Bricks

The fragments of Collapsing Bricks

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