The Ebb

Shirazeh Houshiary, 2017
130 x 115 x 44 cm

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The Ebb (2017)

A Factum Arte team, led by Damián López, Jacinto de Manuel and Juan Manuel Martinez built the Murano glass sculpture designed by Shirazeh Houshiary, The Ebb. The artist selected and designed custom-built Murano glass bricks especially for this work.

The Ebb (2017)

The Ebb was formed by layering 30 rows of glass bricks, each of which was secured with a stainless steel ring affixed to 24 bricks. The supporting rings were routed at Factum Arte in gradually changing shapes to achieve the movement of the sculpture. The structure is built on top of a millimeter stainless steel base.The sculpture was constructed by building six groups of five rows. These sections were mounted on top of each other, building up progressively the height of the sculpture.

The Ebb, instalada en la Lisson Gallery durante la exposición "Nothing is Deeper than the Skin"

Photos by Elisabeth Bernstein

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