New video: Rachid Koraïchi and the Tito family in Úbeda

Contemporary artist Rachid Koraïchi also joined the project to revive the Arabic kiln in Úbeda. He spent weeks working in the Tito workshop rethinking the shape and decoration of the “Gazelle Vase” from the Alhambra. Koraïchi designed and carried out the decoration of two pieces using purely contemporary motifs, drawing from the framing and forms of the Nasrid calligraphies found on the ancient ceramics or the walls of the Alhambra itself.

In this video, Koraïchi talks about his work with the Titos and what makes working with the earth so special for an artist.

In Memory of Manuel Franquelo
In Memory of Manuel Franquelo

It is with great sadness and deep admiration that we remember Manuel Franquelo, a genuine artist and someone who understood the nature of representation as a painter, photographer, engineer, poet and thinker. He was a key figure in the creation of Factum Arte in 2001. His contributions have been and will always be part of Factum’s identity. His interdisciplinary approach and visionary ideas will continue to inspire our work.

Manuel’s originality and brilliance are captured in this film made while he was developing the Lucida 3D Scanner. The data that has been recorded with this system and its elegant algorithms that drive the operating system, have transformed the understanding of the surface of paintings and are having a profound impact on heritage management. The Lucida really is a work of art as much as a recording system – it reflects the true meaning of ‘techne’.

Manolo represents everything that is great about Spain and Spanish art. Illusion fused with mimetic resonance, all the senses working together, respect for tradition and an anarchic love of disruption, directness and complexity.

Our thoughts are with Manuel’s family and all those who were touched by him.

With gratitude and love from everyone at Factum Arte and Factum Foundation; we are committed to carrying on his legacy.
- Adam Lowe

New collaboration: Denise de la Rue
New collaboration: Denise de la Rue

For her solo exhibition 'A New World' at Palacio Liria in Madrid, artist Denise de la Rue worked with Factum Arte on the creation of a new body of work based on a series of 21 written documents signed by Christopher Columbus that are in the collection of Casa de Alba.

Inspired by the theme of exploration, wonder and discovery, de la Rue conceived a series of 21 sculptures that connect the 1492 discovery of the Americas to space exploration and the 1969 moon landing. The works were made in a variety of materials: resin, aluminum, stainless steel and elevated printing. They involved both innovation and experimentation to produce meteors and complex printed surfaces.

New production for Leonor Serrano Rivas on display in Madrid
New production for Leonor Serrano Rivas on display in Madrid

Leonor Serrano Rivas' latest creation, Rhythm Patterns #1, was developed in collaboration with Factum Arte and Vives i Mari. It was exhibited at Carlier | Gebauer Gallery during ARCO (6 - 10 March 2024). It consists of 5 textile panels forming a single unit. Both the front and the back were considered during the production.
The image is taken from a frame of the film Breathings of the Moon (2022) by Diego Delas and Leonor Serrano Rivas. In the film, the seabed is imaginatively recreated through the manipulation of magnets and particles. The tapestry recreates one of these scenes by using inverted seams and the movement of the thread.

More on the process behind this artwork

Rachid Koraïchi on display in London and Dubai
Rachid Koraïchi on display in London and Dubai

Two solo exhibitions by Rachid Koraïchi celebrated the artist's 77th birthday and his complex, multi-layered narrative and themes. Factum Arte has been working with Koraïchi for over 10 years and we are proud to be part of his creative process. 'An Ode to Intertwined Histories' (27 February – 25 May, 2024) at Elmarsa Gallery in Dubai celebrated Koraïchi's storytelling with a display centered around a site-specific sculptural installation: Les Prieurs shown alongside Les Priants, both made in 2015. In 'Rachid Koraïchi: Celestial Blue' (7 March - 13 April, 2024) October Gallery in London presented Koraïchi’s unique exploration of the spiritual path and its fundamental message of tolerance for all, displaying sculptures from Les Vigilants and La Montagne aux Étoiles series, made between 2021 and 2022.

More about Rachid Koraïchi's work with Factum Arte

<i>Union of Artists</i> installed in Dubai
Union of Artists installed in Dubai

For Art Dubai 2023, five United Arab Emirates-based artists (Afra Al Dhaheri, Shaikha Al Mazrou, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Asma Belhamar and Khalid Albanna) chose to collaborate on a new permanent public artwork for the Al Hudaiba area, overlooking the Etihad Museum and Union House, as part of Dubai Culture’s multi-year Public Art Strategy.

The production of the large-scale installation Union of Artists was carried out by Factum Arte following the collective concept proposed by the five artists. The sculpture blends the creative ideas and artistic visions of the five artists to convey the concepts of unity and cooperation and was revealed to the public on February 26th 2024.

More on the project

New production for Bernd Nicolaisen on display in Moutier
New production for Bernd Nicolaisen on display in Moutier

Curated by Valentine Raymond, director of the Musée jurassien des Arts, the exhibition 'Bernd Nicolaisen - Amedeo Baumgartner' (March 17 - May 26, 2024) at the Musée Jurassien des Arts in Moutier, Switzerland was the largest exhibition to date of works by photographer Bernd Nicolaisen and painter Amedeo Baumgartner.

The show featured 30 large-format photographs and 3D works by Bernd Nicolaisen on alabaster, 3D printing in resin and printing on gesso, created in collaboration with Factum Arte from images exploring the series Strata of Pilbara, Head of 67P, Oxidation of Water and Restlicht.

More information on Factum Arte's work with Bernd Nicolaisen

Bronze Dippy replica in production
Bronze Dippy replica in production

Factum Arte in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London is excited to announce we are creating a weatherproof, bronze replica of the iconic Dippy. We are delighted to share how this new replica will look in the completed gardens.

The team has worked on accurate 3D models and scans – provided by the museum - of the original Diplodocus carnegii 20th-century plaster cast. Over the coming months, high­-precision engineering and architectural planning will transform the digital data into a monumental 4x21m bronze sculpture. As we enter the materialisation phase we are pleased to disclose that the initial bronze casts of Dippy’s vertebrae are just out of the foundry.

As part of the museum’s Urban Nature Project, the replica will be installed in early 2024 outside the new and refurbished museum gardens. More information to come soon!
Picture: © Natural History Museum

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