Clark Winter

Clark Winter has been exploring photography and videography for many years as a creative and observational consequence of his travels around the world as much as his fine arts background. A world-class authority in geopolitics, Clark’s photography, as reflected in this series, contemplates humans as objects and instances of nature, and objects, man-made or natural, as vibrant beings.

He spent decades living in Spain, Latin America, Asia and the USA during the disruptions, transitions and creation of new societies. As both a global strategist and artist, his photographs bear witness to the dichotomy of rapid growth and the world’s timeless harmonies of intentional and unintentional creations.

His new productions, of works has been the main feature of Factum Arte's ARCO 2020 event, presented on February 28th. The exhibition, titled The Hard Work of Art presented the series of sculptures and photographic prints centred around the idea of works of art as labour: staying somewhere in between Duchamp’s concept of the ready-made and Brancusi’s sculptural questioning of essence.



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