Digital Jacquard Loom

Tapestries are large format textile images formed by weaving colored weft threads into warp threads. Traditionally, tapestries were hand-woven and their correspondence to the artist's cartoons depended on the skill of the weaver. The Jacquard loom revolutionized the textile world by mechanizing the process of weaving and democratizing their acquisition. This mechanical loom uses a system of punch cards to control the weaving of the design, which until then was carried out by hand. Over time, the popularity of tapestries declined and weaving was marginalized as a craft.

In recent years, with the development of digital Jacquard loom , artists have returned to tapestry as a medium. Factum Arte, in collaboration with Flanders Tapestries and Marcos Ludueña, is proud to contribute to the restitution of large format textiles as a vehicle for artistic expression. Factum Arte's team of textile conservators and experts in both color and digital technology help artist define the color palette, determine the tightness or looseness of the weave, and run test strips for their tapestries.

2011 Penelope's Labour

2011 Penelope's Labour
2011 Carlos Garaicoa
2011 Grayson Perry
2011 Lara Baladí

2011 Penelope's Labour

Yagul Weeping Willow Book VI

Jan Hendrix, 2018

Yagul Star Flowers 43

Jan Hendrix, 2017

Red Carpet

Grayson Perry, 2017

Battle of Britain

Grayson Perry, 2017

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Cornelia Parker, 2017

Fogg Dam Tapestry

Roger Law, 2016

Eagle's Daughter

Paula Rego, 2016

Amour, passion, révolution

Rachid Koraichi, 2015

El Fin del Silencio

Carlos Garaicoa, 2014

Lettre bleu a ma mère

Rachid Koraichi, 2014

Fin de silencio

Carlos Garaicoa, 2010

Palimpsest and Palindrome

Manuel Franquelo, 2011

Map of Truths and Beliefs

Grayson Perry, 2011

The Walthamstow Tapestry

Grayson Perry, 2009

Oum el Dounia<

Lara Baladí, 2007

Sandouk el Dounia tapestry

Lara Baladi, 2007

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