What is Factum Arte?

“It is one of the curious places where, as an artist, you feel that it is possible to reinvent the process of `making´ works of art, and where at the same time
the word ‘no’ almost doesn’t exist.”
Marina Abramović on Factum Arte – Harper’s Bazaar, 2019

Factum Arte is a new type of creative space in Madrid that has been working with artists of the highest calibre for two decades. Computers provide the greatest creative resource offering artists new and diverse ways to engage with, mediate and transform the world we all inhabit. Creative production in C21st demands a radical rethinking of the way things are made – Factum Arte responds to the demands of artists from all over the world merging craft skills, technology, and an understanding of the physical nature of diverse materials.

Factum Arte is shaped by the needs of the artists we work with.

The workshops have developed to create an experimental and open environment in order to meet the needs of artists from around the world. Factum’s core focus is on the merging of technology and craft skills.

The studios that have grown in Madrid since 2001 are a direct reaction against a heavily compartmentalised production model. Digital mediation has changed how people work together and divisions based on materials are being replaced by a different approach to transformation and making.

Curiosity, collaboration, innovation and diverse forms of manufacture have come to define Factum Arte's working spaces, maximising artistic freedom in its setup. Everything is based on transforming an idea into its optimum form and understanding the mediations that are involved in the digital and the physical world.

Over 50 people work together in about 10,000 sq meters of studio space on two sites in the East of Madrid close to the airport. Their skills are diverse; architects, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software writers, product designers, moulders and casters, welders, conservators, fine and applied artists, printers, machine operators, accountants, photographers, film-makers, 3D scanners, textile specialists, typographers and both digital and physical sculptors. Precision engineering, CNC milling (3 and 7 axis), foundry work in many materials (at every scale and level of detail), water-jet cutting, laser technologies of various kinds, 3D printing, electro-forming and electroplating, wood carving, stone carving and a host of manufacturing techniques are carried out on site or in collaboration with skilled specialist workshops.

The goal is to demonstrate what can happen when technology is developed and applied by creative thinkers and where the line between the digital and the physical no longer exists.
"That immaculate eye for detail is typical of the work of Factum Arte, a Madrid-based studio whose combination of digital analysis with assiduous craft is transforming the way we see art. I have been watching their work develop for nearly a decade.

I am now convinced it is the most important thing happening in 21st-century art."
Jonathan Jones – The Guardian, February


Adam Lowe Juan Carlos Arias Carmen G. Figueras Damián López Rojo Rafa Rachewsky Carlos Bayod Lucini
Blanca Nieto Dwight Perry Pedro de Miró Infante Amanda Blázquez Javier Barreno Otto Lowe
Michael Ward Gabriel Scarpa Angel Jorquera José Manuel Pellón José Menéndez Francesco Cigognetti
Carlos Alonso Salomé Prada Pottecher Manuel Franquelo Charlie Westgarth Jordi García Pons Anna Paola Ferrara
Natalia P. Buesa Carlos Sanz Sayalero Constanza Dessain Aliaa Ismail Guendalina Damone Voula Paraskevi Natsi
Jacinto de Manuel Isabel Fernández Silvia Álvarez Oak Taylor-Smith Eva Rosenthal Mena Ferdinand Saumarez Smith
Iván Allende Irene Gaumé Quinner Baird Miguel Hernando Jorge Cano María Carmen Pascual
Esperanza González Oscar Parasiego Eduardo L. Rodríguez Aniuska Martín Teresa Casado Elizabeth Mitchell
Nathaniel Mann René Servisi Nicolas Béliard Marta Marcos Victoria Matatagui
Osama Dawod Luke Tchalenko Matt Marshall Giulia Fornaciari
In Memoriam: Piers Wardle

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