Reversal dyptichs
Carlos Garaicoa. Madrid, 2011

The exhibition Party! Not Tea Party opened in gallery Elba Benítez, Madrid, on 5th February 2011.

Along with other new works by Carlos Garaicoa (including a magnetic tree and a collection of hats), the solo exhibition features a series of photographic dyptichs produced by Factum Arte. These works continue our collaboration with Garaicoa on previous pieces like Para transformar la palabra política en hechos, finalmente II.

The two dyptichs are each comprised of two 164 x 111 cm gesso-coated aluminum plates. They are titled El triunfo de Carabanchel and Un día cualquiera en que la Habana se detuvo a recordar Berlín (II).

In words of George Stoltz, the resulting juxtapositions are poetically suggestive and reveal a genius loci or spirit of the place already latent within the sites, almost as if the sites themselves are imbued with a desire to be something other than what they in fact are.

Registering the double images before printing and routing begins.

A short movie on the routing process

El triunfo de Carabanchel, 2011.

Un día cualquiera en que la Habana se detuvo a recordar Berlín (II), 2011.

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Carlos Garaicoa, routing


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