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Digitalisation of the manuscript Beato de Liébana at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, 2003

High resolution digital photographs are made using a Phase One H25 instant capture digital back mounted onto a Hasselblad camera. The camera is fixed to a rostrum above the front coated mirror incorporated into the Advanced Paper Imaging System. The instant capture back minimises the exposure of the book to light while the Advanced Paper Imaging System enables the book to be recorded when it is open at an angle of less than 90º. All reflected light is provided by in-built cold flourescent lights. A light sheet, made by Howard Eaton Lighting is used to record the page with transmitted light.

During all stages of the recording work the book is treated as an object rather than simply as a repository of information. In all research the safety of the object is of paramount importance.

All pages are recorded using both reflected and transmitted light. These files are archived in pairs providing a true copy and a digital fingerprint of each page.

If accurate facsimiles are required the sheet can also be recorded in 3 dimensions using the laser scanner designed by Factum Arte for conservation monitoring and documenting. The mixture of colour and 3D data greatly increases our understanding of the sheet and adds another layer of realism to the recording process.

Ian Christie Millar´s Advanced Paper Imaging System used by the curators of the Biblioteca Nacional Madrid.

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