Apis Book Scanner

The Advanced Paper Imaging& System was used for the digitalisation of the manuscript Beato de Liébana at the Biblioteca Nacional in 2003. it consists of a wedge shaped box with a non-reflective glass opening and a front-coated mirror positioned at 45 degrees to the plane of the glass.

The system has two internal temperature tubes and a fan system to keep the inside of the box at a positive pressure minimizing the problem of dust on the glass mirror. The APIS is fitted to a rostrum mount with a touch-sensitive motor to change the positioning of the system and ensure there is no danger of applying pressure on the spine of the book. The book is held in a foam-lined 90 book cradle. High-resolution digital photographs are made using a Phase One H25 Instant Capture digital back mounted onto a Hasselblad camera.

Ian Christie MillarĀ“s Advanced Paper Imaging System used by the curators of the Biblioteca Nacional Madrid.

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