Cluny Christ
Rachid Koraichi, 2016
Beech Wood
1,80 cm

Rachid Koraichi asked Factum Arte to create a facsimile of a 12th- century wooden Christ from the Auvergne in the collection of the Musée Cluny in Paris. The sculpture was scanned horizontally on top of a table on October 2015 using a white-light Breuckmann 3D SmartSCAN. The files were 3D printed in sections on a laser sintering system in polyamide. At the same time, the figure was routed on a 7-axis robot into a block of beech wood. The wooden carving had the shape and feel of the original while the 3D print accurately recorded the surface. This surface was treated as a skin, cast in resin designed for the restoration of wooden furniture and laid over the surface of the wood. The finish was applied by hand. The polychromed areas were obtained through an application of synthetic stucco composed of four different layers.

By request of the Musée de Cluny, Cluny Christ is one centimeter bigger than the original

  • The wood carving revealed the shape of the original but not its texture
  • Surface details cannot be routed onto wood
  • The data was 3D printed and a mould was taken to obtain surface details
  • Silicone moulds with surface details
  • The moulds were cast in a resin designed for restoration of wooden furniture
  • The resin moulds were fixed onto the routed beech wood

The finish was applied by hand

The appearance was achieved through a gradual accumulation of layers of colour, which were knocked back with layers of white

Four different layers of synthetic stucco were applied

This work was part of Rachid Koraichi´s exhibition Dialogue avec l´Ancêtre.

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