Where do we go now?
Shezad Dawood, 2017
Composite resin and polychromatic paint
140 x 100 × 80 cm

A Tale of a Tub is inspired by the engravings and illustrations accompanying Jonathan Swift´s 1704 pamphlet of the same name. Swift´s work is a response to Thomas Hobbes´s Leviathan, one of the first treatises on the nature of legitimate government. In this work, the whale represents the beast of the State, which threatens to destroy the vessel, prompting the sailors to throw overboard a barrel (or ‘tub’), representing their labour (or ‘capital’) to distract it. Factum Arte prepared a 3D digital model based on the engravings, which was subsequently 3D printed and cast in composite resin. The cast was then coated in polychromatic paint.

  • Engraving and illustration of Jonathan Swift´s 1704 pamphlet A Tale of a Tub
  • Swift´s work is a response to Thomas Hobbes´s Leviathan
  • 3D model of the sculpture
  • Detail of the 3D model
  • The sculpture was cast in composite resin with polychromatic paint
  • Final sculpture
  • Deatail of the final work
  • Installation view (Image courtesy of the artist and Leviathan - Human & Marine Ecology)

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