Mount Kanchenjunga
Shezad Dawood, 2017
100 x 80 x 60 cm

Completed in February 2017, the sculptureMount Kanchenjunga combines the representation of the third highest mountain in the world with the busts of Beat Generation poets Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky. The piece was digitally modelled at Factum Arte and constructed from a silicone mould of a 3D print. The mould was filled with stucco marble (scagliola) and decorative finishes were added in wet plaster.

  • 3D model of the sculpture
  • The model viewed from above
  • A silicone mould was obtained from the 3D print of the model
  • Exterior of the silicone mould
  • Interior view of the mould
  • Block of stucco marble (scagliola)
  • The silicone mould filled with stucco marble
  • Removing the mould

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