Alejandro Guijarro, 2016

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Adam and Eve, 242 x 184 cm
Inmaculate conception
The Countess of Chinchón
The Brazen Serpent
Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback
The Battle of San Romano, 180 x 320 cm
Descent from the cross, 100 x 67 cm

Factum Arte produced six large prints for Alejandro Guijarro, in which he explores the appearance and disappearance of famous artworks and the boundaries of images. The prints are based on X-ray images of paintings such as The Countess of Chinchón by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback by Diego Velázquez, the Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello, among others.

Adam and Eve

The Countess of Chinchón, The Immaculte Conception and Adam and Eve

The Battle of San Romano

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