Rubina Glass Sculpture
Shirazeh Houshiary, 2016

Over the first few months of 2016, a team from Factum Arte, led by Damián López, was involved in the making of a glass sculpture for artist, Shirazeh Houshiary. The Rubina Glass Sculpture consists of a structure of specially picked Murano glass bricks, stainless steel rings and polished aluminium, held in place with UV light resin. The work went through both a virtual and artisanal process at the Factum Arte warehouse: the designs, prepared by Shirazeh´s studio, were first translated to 3D files by Voula Natzi Paraskevi and the structure, reviewed and revised where needed. Once virtually organised, manual work was executed - Jacinto de Manuel was responsible for assembling the outstanding structure.

The artist is delighted with the results and has invited Factum Arte to collaborate on the development of another, similar piece.

  • Crates of Murano bricks arrive at the Factum Arte Madrid warehouse
  • Pink, red and lilac Murano glass chosen by the artist

Design of the stainless steel ring structure

Preparing the stainless steel ring structure

Damián López drying the UV resin to hold the sculpture in place

  • Sculpture details
  • Finished Rubina Glass Sculpture
  • Details of the top part of Rubina Glass Sculpture
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