Autodesk workshop in Factum Arte

January 2016

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The photogrammetry team at Factum Arte have been developing high-resolution systems based on the rapidly growing art of photogrammetry.

Tatjana Dzambazova, Autodesk’s 'software whisperer', spent 3 days working intensely with the team and studying our specific needs. We are now trying to cement a long term agreement that if successful, could have significant implications for colour and 3D recording in remote or dangerous environments - an example of this is the work that is being planned to record a unique set of 66-million year-old sauropod trackways in Pakistan's Baluchistan province. This extraordinary trace of the slipping dinosaur narrowly avoided being destroyed. Nick Allen has now secured formal permission to do the recording that will result in an exact replica of the 30-ft vertical slab that contains the fosillised remains of its presence.

Tatjana Dzambazova lecturing to Factum Arte’s 3D scanning team during her visit to explain Memento, Autodesk forthcoming Photogrammetry software.

Tatjana Dzambazova being scanned with the Veronica Chorographic Scanner

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