Replica 360 Recto/Verso Scanner


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Factum Arte with the support of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini has designed and built the Replica 360 Recto/Verso Scanner, a rotary scanning system that moves continuously and records both sides of an image. The table is driven by a motor at a controlled speed with a sensor system calculating the position of a document placed on the glass surface. The ‘capture’ is done with two identical high-resolution cameras with specially designed lighting units for instant capture.

Enrique Esteban and Pedro Miró testing the Replica 360 Recto/Verso Scanner

The scanner is capable of recording twelve A3-sized double-sided images at 400DPI per minute. The image recorded downloads automatically, matching the recto and verso of each document, and is archived with matadata tags.

The table´s circular shape was conceived to save space and allow for two operators to work side by side: one placing the objects and the other removing them at the same time that digitalization occurs reducing manipulation time per document.

Video demonstration of the Replica 360 Recto/Verso

The Design

Final Design

Mechanical System
Consist on a rotary table driven by a precision motor with variable speed. A sensor system calculates the position and detects if a document is placed on the glass trays.

Photographic System
Two identical reprographic sets are placed on the top and on the back of the table. For the lighting a set of flash light are placed at 45º from the surface. The camera is placed at 1000mm from the surface.

Electronic System
The flash units have been designed, electrically engineered, 3D printed and assembled in Factum Arte. They provide the lowest level of light required to achieve a high quality in focus image without significant glare or shine.

Technical Specifications

- Maximum document scanning rate: 4 seconds per document (rear and front sides)
- Maximum document size: A2 format 594 x 420 mm
- Resolution: 400 ppi at 5424 x 3616 pixels
- 2 Cameras: Canon Full Frame 50 MegaPixels 5DSR
- Lenses: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art
- Lighting system: Custom built xenon tube flashes
- Total Dimensions: Table Diameter: 2000 mm, Column Height: 2300 mm

- Hardware: A computer network made up with the following equipment:

  • Camera controllers (x2) : NUC Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM memory, USB 3.0, Gigabyte network interface:
  • Server: Lenovo TSTATION P300, 16Gb RAM Memory, 2 Terabytes hard disk, double network interface.
  • Switch: Netgear Smart 8 ports gigabyte.

- Software:

  • Remote camera view and control. Download and indexation of raw images. MD5 signature generation. Automatic exif metadata tagging (geolocation, copyright and document name tags). Images can be accessed in a shared folder using a local area network.

The Replica 360 Recto/Verso scanner installed in Factum Arte's 3D Department

The Replica 360 Recto/ Verso was installed at the Centre for Digitisation at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini on February 2016. The scanner will be used to digitise roughly 1 million annotated photographs of paintings from the Veneto, the most complete and important photographic record of the history of art and architecture of the city of Venice.

Please find here the press release.

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