Growth Table (Walnut)

Mathias Bengtsson, 2015


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Growth Table (walnut)

The body of work of Mathias Bengtsson, despite being inspired by aerospace engineering and fabricated with technologically innovative practices, appears surprisingly organic. He still abides by the traditional architectural process of sketching by hand and modeling in clay. Since starting his own studio in 2002, Bengtsson has deployed lasers, high-tech fibers, and computer programs to design pieces that are at once biomorphic and futuristic.
Mathias first collaborated with Factum Arte in 2013 having been introduced through Materialise (Leuven, Belgium). He had been using Tetrashell to 3D print complex chairs formed from cell-like structures. Since then Mathias has continued to work with Factum Arte to push the limits of what is possible - both in the creation of the forms and in the materials he is using.
Factum Arte has realized some versions of Bengtsson's "Growth Table" cast in bronze from 3D prints and other versions in walnut. The Growth Table in walnut is realized routing 50 differents pieces of wood with a 7 axis robot and then assembled together.

Pieces of routed wood before the assembly

Bengtsson's design and one of the first pieces to be routed


Table before varnishing

Varnished table in Factum Arte's studio

Final work
Image©Bengtsson studio/Martin Scott Jupp

Image©Bengtsson studio/Martin Scott Jupp

Image©Bengtsson studio/Martin Scott Jupp

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