Material Transformation in Factum Arte

Semptember 2015

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Recent material transformations that have all happened over the past week or so.
Material transformations will be the subject of a collaboration between Adam Lowe and Simon Schaffer at Bozar in Brussels on the 2 and 3 November.

The Teschen Table gradually taking form

Sand to glass. An assortment of Fulgurites printed by Dwight Perry on the new fulgurite printer which is currently on hold till we can work out how to make them stronger. As a group they feel like exhibits from a wunderkammer- some are starting to resemble organic forms

In conjunction with Gilberto Arrivabene Canova’s Paolina Borghese is making her final transition from wax into Glass - The sculpture in in Marble, it was 3D scanned and for a while existed in a virtual space until she was re-materialised in a tank of liquid resin using stereolithographic 3D printing.
From light sensitive resin to plaster was time consuming and required both knowledge of C18th carving and years of modelling skills.
From plaster to wax also took time as the process of casting for bronze differs form the traditional skills in Murano. From Wax to Glass is done in a glass works in Empoli

A series of images by blind photographers are starting to take tactile form

A cosmonaught's helmet starts to morph into stainless steel for Cesar Galicia

Rachid Koraichi's images are etched into Belgian Basalt

Moving water, recorded using photogrammetry, is burnished into copper using Arthur Prior’s digital Mezzotint system

Some of the proofs have the capacity to transform on their own - in this case water into the moon

Flexible alloy of aluminium become a Juniper tree for Marc Quinn

Concrete becomes reflective

Chicken skin and feathers are transformed into a Zbrush model

Peter Glidewell and a team from Ballandi films make a documentary about the theft of Caravaggio’s Nativity from the Oratory of San Lorenzo for Sky TV. Factum Arte is re-creating the missing painting.

We have been scanning and producing 3D recordings using photogrammetry a group of small complex forms. The test has been successful. One of the most exciting developments is that we are starting to produce works for artists from diverse parts of the world including China, India and Saudi Arabia.

A major innovation in digital restoration is being undertaken for Museo Cerralbo and Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España.
A full digital restoration is underway in collaboration with the restorers from the Real Fabrica de Tapices (which unfortunately is having a very difficult time) to offer new solutions for the restoration of the damaged threads and to carry out a complete recolouring using an analysis of the threads from the back that have not faded as they have been protected from the light.
All this work will be done without ever touching the tapestry!

Following his exhibition in New York Manuel Franquelo is preparing an exhibition of new works based on his studio - as always they are mesmerising and with a profound mood of contemplation.

Wooden boards used in the production of El Anatsui's vast ‘nets’ are being transformed into colour and relief in a publication for the October Gallery, London

And last but not least - material transformations can themselves be transformative.
This re-mateialised vortex of water, recorded using photogrammetry was carved on a 7 axis robot and then nickel plated.
In the plating proces ssomething we still dont understand happened and a black ‘waterfall’ appears to cascade from the vortex itself -
William Bateson (1861-1926) observed that 'a living thing is not matter but a system vortex through which matter was passing’.

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