Training at the National Gallery
London, May 2015


Aliaa Ismail setting up the Lucida scanner, designed by Manuel Franquelo at the National Gallery, London. Aliaa is the first trainee to go right through the training course designed to equip students with the skills they need to apply technology to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Carlos Bayod was assisted by Aliaa Ismail during the first training session as the Lucida laser scanner, designed by Manuel Franquelo, was installed in the National Gallery Conservation department. Aliaa has been training with Factum Arte for over 8 months. She has been taught all the processes involved in building, programming, operating, fixing, data processing and archiving 3D and colour data.
Aliaa will soon return to Egypt and start training other young people in the skills required to document vulnerable heritage sites in Luxor and elsewhere. A 3D documentation and training centre will be created in a Hassan Fathy building close to Carter’s House at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings 

Factum Arte and Factum Foundation are putting all available resources into training young motivated individuals with the skills to think laterally and use technology in the fight against fundamentalism and iconoclasm.

Aliaa Ismail setting up the Lucida scanner during the first training session at the National Gallery, London

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