A limited edition collection of objects
made from designs by Giambattista Piranesi

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Factum Arte has collaborated with Fondazione Giorgio Cini to produce a group of physical objects made from designs by Giambattista Piranesi that were never realised during his life.

Original etching of the altar

Original etching of the candelabrum

Original etching of the chair

Original etching of the coffee pot

Original etching of the helix tripod

Original etching of the isis tripod

Original etching of the antique vase with three griffin heads

Original etching of the chimney

Factum Arte, voxelstudios and a team of specialist craftsmen working in Madrid have produced eight objects that have been displayed in several dedicated exhibitions on Piranesi's work in different cities. Some objects have been made using traditional modelling skills while others have been made digitally using ‘organic modelling’ software. This mix of technology combined with traditional craft skills and materials has led to a C21st celebration of Piranesi's sense of design - a process that has involved many material transformations; from the physical to the digital and from the digital to the material. A variety of fabrication technologies including stereo-lithography, milling, fused deposition modelling, electro forming and plating, and a host of moulding and casting technologies have been used to make the final works.

Exhibition The Arts of Piranesi; Venice
Exhibition The Arts of Piranesi; Barcelona, Madrid, San Diego
Exhibition Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess; London

Designing the spout of the Coffeepot, in the form of a bee, at Voxelstudios, Madrid.

Progress of the 3D modelling

The Coffeepot prototype in resin by Materialise, Belgium

Handmade silver positives of the single parts of the Coffeepot

Each object has been finished in the original materials specified or implied by Piranesi – these include bronze, marble, silver and gold. There are eight objects that have been produced in small edition, these include a marble chimney, an altar, a coffeepot, two bronze tripods, a chair, a vase and a candelabrum. Their creation has been governed by an obsessive attention to detail and coloured by the connoisseurship that inspired and motivated the artist. All proceeds from the sale of the editions goes to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and is used to fund the cultural initiatives on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.




Silver Coffee Pot

Helix Tripod

Isis Tripod

Antique Vase with three griffin heads

Chimney piece and Fire grate

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