Rebuilding the Heraclitus Vessel

Roses, Cataluña 2014

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In 2014 Factum Arte got involved in the rebuilding of the ferro-concrete Research Vessel Heraclitus. The Heraclitus Vessel was designed and built by The Institute of Ecotechnics and launched in 1975 from Oakland, California. Since that time it has sailed around the world twice, conducted research about whales in the Antarctic and navigated the Amazon. It has sailed over 270,000 nautical miles through six oceans (all except the Arctic), continuously exploring the ancient tradition of sea people, with the aim to create a contemporary equivalent.

This 25-meter long concrete Chinese junk has carried out important expeditions and captured the imagination of those interested in independent scientific research, exploration and cultural exchange.

The Vessel Heraclitus

After this long period of intensive usage, the boat is currently being rebuilt in Roses, Cataluña. Factum Arte has been working with Scan Lab Projects in London to prepare 3D visualisations of the hull to assist in the rebuilding process. A three dimensional model of the Research Vessel Heraclitus has been made from data captured with the FARO scanner.

Pedro Miro and Arthur Prior from Factum Arte positioning the Faro scanner to record the interior of the boat

3D alignment in Polyworks of the scanned hull




The 3D dimensional model of the Vessel made by Scan Lab Projects for Factum Arte



Lauren Canales from Factum Arte prefabricated new web frames for the boat and took them to Roses to install them. Hopefully, the Heraclitus will be able to start her most ambitious voyage in 2020.

Lauren Canales and Claus Tober inspecting the damages

Some images of the boat during the process of rebuilding




View the Research Vessel Heraclitus webpage

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