Big Easy

JuliĆ£o Sarmento

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"Big Easy, 2014"
The final work, 270 cm high, at Factum Arte's workshop ready to be shipped to Portugal

Factum Arte collaborated with portuguese artist Julião Sarmento for the production of two sculptures. The sculpture titled "Big Easy" is inspired by Degas' Little Dancer and it is in the same iconic stage. It has been produced in two versions: the first one produced is 270 cm high and the second is 120 cm high. Firstly the models of the sculptures have been 3D printed by Modelporex and retouched in Factum Arte's workshop before being pulverized with resin. Finally they have been sandpapered and painted in white. The big version of the dancer has been shipped to Portugal while the smaller one went to Art Basel as part of the installation at Sean Kelly Gallery's Stand.

Visit Sean Kelly Gallery website here
Visit Julião Sarmento website here

3D Model of the sculpture

The model routed into polystyrene by Model Porex

Retouching the model

The sculpture in the process of being pulverized with resin

Final details of the 270 cm sculpture

The 120 cm high version of the sculpture during the installation at Art Basel 2014

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