Facsimile of a putto representing Prince George
for the exhibition Georgians Revealed

The model of a "putto" representing Prince George has been produced by Factum Arte for the Georgeobelisk designed by Todd Longstaff Gowan for the British Library. It has been made to accompany the exhibition "Georgians Revealed" which opened in London in November 2013.

More information on the exhibition at the British Library
Press review on the Georgeobelisk here

  • Details of the original art work

3D scanning of the original "putto", property of the British Library 

  • Highly detailed polygonal model after processing the 3D data

Digital retouch of the polygonal mesh

3D printed model by Materialise

  • The model being coated ready for the painting process


  • Gilding the wings of the putto
  • The final model of the putto representing Prince George
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