Greyman cries Shaman Dies Billowing Smoke Beauty Evoked
Anish Kapoor, 2009

Anish Kapoor and Factum Arte have been working together for several years on the development of cement printing and investigating new ways of generating form. The sculptures were created with this technique for the first time in 2009 and they were first shown to the public at London's Royal Academy. The sculptures combined intention with chance. by using the live properties of the different cement mixes.

"The Identity Engine is a shit machine that farts and craps its way along its ordained path, transforming concrete into stigmergic, self-organised structures. Wounds and gashes, pleats and folds emerge at will and either self-heal or continue to rupture." -‘Unconformity and Entropy’

‘Unconformity and Entropy’ is a detailed book about Kapoor's vision and process, published by Turner Books and available for purchase through their website

Video of the cement printer in action

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