A facsimile in bronze of Seneca and Nero
by Eduardo Barrón

The plaster original (illustrated here) is in the collection of the Museo del Prado. For many years it has been in the Ayuntamiento de Cordoba. A bronze version of the plaster sculpture was made without touching the surface of the original. The bronze copy is now on permanent display in Cordoba. Following the completion of the facsimile, Factum Arte worked with the Museo Del Prado to remake missing parts of the original plaster sculpture that were to be used in the restoration work carried out by the museum.

The statue was scanned using the TRIPLE white light system from Nub 3D. This data was used to produce the facsimile as stereo-lithographic print in 3D. The 3D printing was carried out by Materialise, Belgium and was probably the largest high resolution 3D print produced to date. The stereo-lithographic print was hand-finished, moulded and cast in bronze by Fademesa, Madrid. In addition to the 3D scanning it was also accurately photographed.

Photogrametry reference for alignment

The model is created from thousands of views recorded with Nub 3D white light system.

Face of Seneca from the 3D file.

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