3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

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Stereo Lithography

Factum Arte works with Materialise, the producer of the largest stereolithographic printers in Europe. They printed the model of Seneca and Nero that Factum 3d scanned and produced for the Museo del Prado, Madrid. An ongoing relationship with this company that involves research and development has led to other interesting projects like Marc Quinn's super-sized shells.

Printing the layered model of Seneca and Nero in the resin tank.

Due to the large size of Mark Quinn´s shell sculptures, routed pieces are printed at Materialise and sent to our warehouse in Madrid, where they are assembled.

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Z Corp printing

Factum arte worked with the commercial company 4D Concepts on the 3D printing of the Dama de Elche and helped on other research based projects related to issues of resolution and accuracy. While Z Corp's system (4D Concepts) has size limitations and problems with visible build layers it also has its advantages - the finished object is made from a resin impregnated plaster and therefore it can be hand-finished with relative ease.

Wax printing

Factum Arte has used this high resolution prototype method in projects such as Cybernetic Engineered Cloned & Grown Reclining Rabbit.

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