2018 - Present

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ManuCapture is a user-friendly book and manuscript-scanning software application designed to work with dual-camera book-scanning systems such as Factum’s Portable Book Scanner. ManuCapture enables dual-camera shooting using either continuous light sources or through flash-to-camera synchronisation. Combined with an Arduino based trigger board, the software also supports multiple shutter configurations.

The user interface is simple and optimised for ‘one-click’ actions (with either mouse or via touch screens) for performing useful tasks such as dual-page preview, zoom, recording queue and page crop editing.

The software integrates a set of important open-source tools supported by a wide community of users and developers, including GPhoto2 for camera control, Processing/Java for the user interface, raw image processing software such as Rawtherapee, ImageMagick and DCRAW, and standards-based archiving with ICA-ATOM. Combined with an Arduino based trigger board, the software also supports multiple shutter configurations. The ManuCapture software has been developed and tested in Linux and a Mac OS version is currently in progress.

ManuCapture App features. The manuscript shown in this screenshot and all other screenshots belongs to the IHAE archive © Factum Foundation

Flow chart showing relationships between ManuCapture and the scanning and archiving systems in planification for the IHAE archive © Factum Foundation

The images in the slider below show screenshots from the ManuCapture app:

ManuCapture home page © Factum Foundation

The user generates a project folder by entering a unique name and path © Factum Foundation

ManuCapture home page © Factum Foundation

'Live View' mode can be used to help position the book on the scanner © Factum Foundation

In 'Calibration' the user takes images of a colour checker with both cameras. These images can later be used in post-processing © Factum Foundation

After 'Calibration' the user can places a manuscript on the book scanner for recording. The horizontal and vertical linear guides help position the book © Factum Foundation

The blue guides set by the user will later be used to crop the images to size in post-processing © Factum Foundation

Zooming in to check the data © Factum Foundation

For more information on ManuCapture and our archive recording projects contact

The design and development of the ManuCapture software was led by Enrique Esteban. The software was developed by several contributors and supported by Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation.

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